Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes come in all shapes, sizes and flavours. Some couples have set ideas of the style they are looking for, they might want an understated cake, others want a show stopper.

Smillies Cakes PopChoosing your Wedding Cake Supplier

Wedding Cake makers will be able to talk through your ideas and share their experience and ideas too.
Check that any cake maker you are planning to use is inspected by Environmental Health and insured. If you are struggling to choose speak to friends and ask recent Brides & Grooms whom they used. Check out recent reviews that a cake maker may have on their Website or Facebook Page, look at pictures they have of recent creations and ask for a taster, consultation.

Choosing The Type of Wedding Cake

If the use of free range eggs, home made jam and quality ingredients is important to you ask what the cake maker will use. Check when the cake will be baked as well and make sure to agree the flavours and fillings.

Traditional fruit cakes are best baked months in advance to mature. Sponge cakes are best made as near to the day as possible and cake makers use a variety of sponges, some using a heavy Madeira which can be baked longer in advance, others keep the sponge moist by coating with sugar and water before decorating or some will bake as close as possible to your day to ensure the freshness of the cakes.

How Will Your Wedding Cake Arrive?

Agree how the cake will reach the venue, if you are collecting to set up yourselves be very careful that it is going to be secure and stable for travelling and ask the question as to what would happen if you had an accident with it on the way to the venue or setting up, will the cake maker be available to help. The safest option is to pay for it to be delivered and set up by the cake maker, agree when this will be and that the timings will work with your day and theirs.

Other Things To Consider…

Things that need to be thought of is do you want to serve the Wedding Cake as a dessert after the Wedding breakfast or most couples will you cut the cake early evening when the evening guests have arrived and then serve for guests to help themselves, if you opt for it as a dessert then their needs to be sufficient for each guest, if you opt to serve in the evening then you do not need to cater for every guest although you can obviously keep any left over cake to enjoy with visiting family and friends after your Day.
There are many ways of incorporating your personalities, theme, memories and even hobbies and trades into your cake. Maybe with a bespoke topper, the colours or flavours of the cake and trimmings. You could as some do opt for a separate Grooms cake so he can go wild with his favourite cartoon or film characters or you could opt for a half and half and the Bride decorates her side and the Groom has his own side. There are so many options for decoration and if you have a tiered cake you can mix the flavours as well as the coverings.
Whatever you decide remember it is your cake and it can be as individual as you are, a guest might be shocked at your choice of Design but ultimately as long as it tastes good they will enjoy it.
Smillies Cakes N Pops bake all our sponge cakes fresh within 48 hours of your Wedding Day and we use free range eggs, butter and home made jam.
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