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Why you should consider a celebrant led wedding ceremony

Is that a ring I see on your finger? Let’s have a good look. Wow, that’s amazing! Congratulations, you’re getting married! So exciting – so much to plan!

Ceremonies CelebrantThere’s the venue. Thank goodness for the Internet. You should be able to cut the list to about half a dozen possibles before you go on the grand tour.  Then there’s the dress. I bet you can’t wait to have a lovely girly day with your bridesmaids and your mum, trying on a zillion beautiful creations, mum blubbing in the shop, until you find THE ONE! And then the photographer. You’ll be wanting to chat to a few, look at their different styles, make it clear what you want from the outset and then pick the one who will deliver for you. And the cake and the flowers and the invitations and the entertainment.

And now I’m going to ask you to put something else right at the top of the list, right up there where it belongs. And that’s your ceremony. Yes, the part of the day that this whole massive party is all about. Or had you forgotten you were actually getting married?

Ceremonies CelebrantNow, if religion is your thing and you can’t imagine not having a church service, then of course, that’s where you’ll make your choice. But for many people today, and maybe this is you, the Church doesn’t play a part in their lives. So you would look at a registrar to conduct your ceremony. You would make your booking, fitting in with the registrar’s diary. You would return your emailed service form with your choices of vows, music and readings to be vetted. Because anything with a hint of spirituality must be weeded out. And you would meet the registrar on the day of your wedding, when they arrive at the venue. Sounds a bit regimented, doesn’t it? A bit impersonal? But that’s the only choice, isn’t it: Church or Registrar?

Having spent all that time, energy and money on getting everything else just perfect, you really don’t want to settle now for the rigid service that is offered by either the church or the registrar. This is your day, after all. You really don’t want the same words as every other couple that day, month, year? In fact, you don’t want that at all.  There has to be something else? Something that shouts about your love for each other? Something that is unique and personal? Something different? Something perfect?

So is that the only choice then: Church or Registrar? Well actually, no, it’s not. You can have all that you dream of once you find the right person to create and then conduct your very special ceremony. You need to be looking for an independent celebrant to work with in delivering exactly what you want (now, let me see. Do I know of anyone?) Somebody who will spend time with you as a couple leading up to the big day, getting to know you both, teasing out the heart of your own very unique story. Someone who can help you find the exact readings that say what you want to say, the perfect rituals to add meaning to your ceremony and help you to write your own vows that will mean so much more because they come from your heart.

Ceremonies CelebrantAs an independent celebrant I will do all that with you. Meet with you both, learn your story, be on hand in those hectic months leading up to the big day, help you choose exactly the right words, put it all together into YOUR ceremony, visit your venue with you to choreograph and rehearse the main players, deliver your unique ceremony on your big day and leave you with a presentation copy of your script as a very personal keepsake.

At the time of writing, a celebrant led ceremony does not contain the legal part of the marriage (the registration) and this still needs to be carried out at a registry office. It really is very quick, turn up with your two witnesses, say the declaratory vows and sign the register, and costs about £50.

But then, having done that you are free to do all the exchanges of vows and rings at your ‘real’ ceremony – the one that’s been specially written for you, surrounded by your family and friends. And another bonus? You can hold this ceremony wherever you like, opening up all sorts of exciting wedding venues. On a farm, in a forest, at a castle ruin, on a canal barge. You are limited only by your imagination (and maybe any permissions that might be needed!), not by whether the venue has a weddings license.

I know what you’re thinking now though. Such an intensive and bespoke service is going to cost much more than we’ve allowed in our budget for booking the registrar. So you might be surprised to hear that many celebrants, and I am one of these, set their fees at around the same as or slightly less than the registry office fees, and yet it is clear that we offer so much more for our money.

So, hiring an independent celebrant allows you a much wider choice of venue, including an outdoor ceremony, a comparative price, a personal service, resulting in a perfectly unique ceremony slap bang in the centre of your day, just where it deserves to be. What’s not to like?

I am a showcasing supplier with The Wedding Emporium and a listed celebrant at many local venues (with or without licenses) You can drop me an email to lynntierneyceremonies@gmail.com , find me on Facebook or at www.lynntierneyceremonies.co.uk

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