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Hi there I’m Kim owner of KJA Photography and I live in the market town of Banbury.

Ever since I was a child I knew I had a creative side and a passion to one day share that with people. Whether that was through my art, dance or photography I always wanted to express my visions. Growing up with my Dad who was a photographer I instantly had a love for photography. The day he showed my his wedding portfolio was the day I knew that was my path in life. I was fascinated with all his stories, the days where they used films, dark rooms and developing everything themselves. I saw something that I knew I wanted to carry on within my future. I was very lucky to have my Dad who could teach me all the techniques , tell me about the terms you would use and how to create your own style. I was so excited that maybe one day I could be just like him!

In my final year of Art A levels I really started to go out and about with my camera. I would stay up late at night, go out first thing in the morning just to get different lighting, I experimented and developed my own style. At the age of 18 it hit me that this was my dream, my dream was to be a photographer and I was never going to stop.

I have always had a love for Weddings. Making memories and bringing happiness into peoples life’s is why I do this job. I am blessed that my hobby is now my profession and I get to be a part of so many magical moments. Looking through my lens is creating a story, a frozen moment in time that couldn’t of been captured a second before or after. I have a very pure, relaxed and candid style and I love to capture moments without anyone knowing I was there. With my friendly and approachable personality I will sure put you at ease straight away.

Here are few tips about booking your wedding photographer.

1: Don’t book too late!
One of my most asked questions is why photographers get booked up so in advanced? We are one of the first things a couple will book along side their venue. Its very important that you take a look at more than just one photographer. There are so many styles out there, different personalities, the way we work with people, use of equipment and also how we present your final photos. Not one couple is the same, everyone has their unique vision of how they want their photos, so remember to view a selection of photographers!
2: Your vision
Its very important when talking to the photographer they know exactly what you want. Whether this is traditional, posed, themed or you have some crazy ideas let them know! I will have a folder with everything that you want so it will run smoothly and perfect on your big day! And don’t ever think something is too crazy us photographers love to get stuck in and create the perfect photo for you!
3: The Photography Package
I offer different packages which makes things very simple. Wedding planning can get stressful at times and what makes it worse is when you find a photographer who charges £500 for a day and then you have extra cost on top for photos, albums ECT which then mounts up to £1000’s!! Well think no more, KJA Photography packages are very simple, every package you receive all images on USB and an online gallery, and if you fancy going all out my top package comes with a photo book album. Every couple has a budget and with my packages there is a package with your name on it!
4: The connection
There are plenty of photographers out there and trust me there is a perfect one for you. You might come across a photographer and fall in love with their work but don’t have that instant connection.To me its the most important thing a couple needs to feel, remember we are there most of the wedding and I would hate to have a photographer that wasn’t interacting with my guests. Not only am I a photographer but I just love people and getting to know them. I have stayed in contact with so many of my couples and its a lovely feeling when you get told by guests its been a pleasure having you there. I am very relaxed, friendly but still have a professional approach.
5: I am not photogenic!
Ok people I might just have to ban this phrase! Everyone is photogenic in their own way! Just because you don’t think you are or don’t feel comfortable with a camera doesn’t mean you can’t produce a stunning image. With years of experience I will know what angle will suit you, what lighting you will need and how to pose you. You honestly don’t need to feel nervous around me. Lots of people get nervous in front of the camera but I promise by the end of the day you will say you forgot I was there snapping away. If your are worried with certain things then chat to your photographer and make sure they understand because they can help you every step of the way.

Wedding Emporium Banbury
Being part of the Wedding Emporium Banbury is a great experience. I have met so many wonderful local and trustworthy suppliers and its fantastic that we can all work together and recommend to couples. Recommendations are the best way to book your wedding suppliers and the emporium is a one stop shop for all weddings things so you wont be disappointed. To find out more please visit www.weddingemporiumbanbury.co.uk , you can also find us on facebook.

So I have come to an end and I hope you have got some useful tips when looking and booking the right photographer for you. Happy wedding planning and remember don’t get too stressed, enjoy every moment! If you have any questions please feel free to message me!


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