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I’m Sam Bennett, resident wedding photographer of The Wedding Emporium to give a run down on different styles of wedding photography to hopefully help you find the perfect wedding photographer for you.


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It’s very common that bride and grooms-to-be tend to book their photographer before most things. But why would you need to book it so early if there are so many photographers about? It’s really important to know that no photographer will give you the same end result, there are different styles, different equipment and different people. Here’s a brief outline of a few different wedding photography styles and why they might appeal to you.


Lighting is undoubtedly the most important aspect of photography. But there are many different styles that can be created through natural and artificial lighting. For example…
Natural lighting is one of the most common styles for photographers. I prefer to use natural lighting as often as I can to avoid adjusting a scene or portrait from what the naked eye sees. If done correctly, this then creates a dreamy yet vibrant look with no shadows, no red eye and no harsh contrast on the face. It is important to assess a photographers work to determine whether the photographs are as bright/vibrant as you’d like them.

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On the other hand, some photographers use flash for most of their photographs, this is to guarantee brightness and help in low light conditions (again, if done correctly). So if the photographs that you’ve seen and like appear to have used flash or other lighting equipment, then this would be a completely different photographer to a natural light photographer that you’d be looking for.


OK so you’ve decided that you hate posing for photographs and you want to keep the traditional group photos down to a minimum and have the day documented as candidly as possible. Does your photographers portfolio look like it covers these moments also?
Weddings are full of emotion, whether that be catching the grooms reaction as the bride walks in, mum crying seeing the bride in her dress or just happy family orientated moments throughout the day. It’s so key to capture these and to pick a photographer that can catch as many of these moments as possible.

wedding documentary

wedding documentary

wedding documentary

This style will provoke emotion every time the photo is looked at in years to come. And it’s often that these photos have been most popular in comparison with an awkward smile and what do I do with my hands???


While the above sounds great, you may still want the traditional group  and posed photographs your parents and grandparents had. Of course that is completely normal and it is very common that people ask for both. As long as time is accounted for, this should be simple enough for a photographer with confidence to do. So just be sure that the photographer knows how to pose people and make them feel comfortable (and to SMILE!)
traditional photography


This is something that is usually forgotten about when deciding on a photographer. Couples may choose someone who they don’t get along with so be sure to meet them before hand and check that you connect with them, since they’ll be there a lot on the day! Oh and also make sure you read their reviews online, what better way than to get some first hand info..
I have been lucky enough for my previous couples to take the time to give me some great reviews not only based on my photography, but how much effort was put in on the day. You can read some of them here:
traditional photography


Another thing that’s easily forgotten is choosing a photographer that has previously worked and is confident to work in certain wedding venues. If a photographer mainly works in bright registry offices will they be able to work in dark churches when no flash is allowed to be used?
Or if they usually work in hotels will their style be able to match the boho rustic themed wedding you’re aiming for? Try and connect the dots. If you’re aiming for a rustic style wedding, and if your photographer has work from barns, farms and creates a vintage look in post production then it’s likely that this photographer is for you.
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A common school boy error is to not find out what you’re getting for the price. I’ve seen no end of brides find a all day photography for £100 offer on groupon to book it and then find out you have to pay £1000 for the USB. Therefore, since different suppliers offer different packages, check with the photographer before hand what’s included in the price!
My packages are straight and simple, all packages include a personalised USB of the coverage purchased and images aren’t limited either. I couldn’t be that person that is restricting certain photographs from you just because you can’t afford to pay for them. To clarify, whatever decent photographs I take on the day, you get!
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While I could ramble on about how different each wedding photographer is I’ll save something for a future post.
Happy wedding planning and if you have any questions about the above then I’m more than happy to have a chat.
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