The Groom Needs Clothes!


Now I have your attention, I am going to talk through some helpful tips, tricks and ideas to help you dress your groom and groomsmen so they look dapper on your wedding day!

Firstly, planning is key! Your weddding day is going to be the most amazing day of your life. You’re going to be at a stunning venue, your dress is going to be jaw-dropping and it’s going to be a day that you remember forever! We can’t have the guys looking like slouches or dressed in an ill-fitting suit. The suits tend to be one of the last things that couples think of, but actually they require some thought and planning so that they can tie into your big day properly. I would advise that a timescale of 6-12 months before your function would be a perfect time to get them ordered and organised. Why? Because it’s a vital part of your big day and I have seen so many couples leave it to a month or two before the function and not get what they want due to availability or suppliers being fully booked up.
The most common cause for the delay in ordering? “I was going to lose some weight and do it after that” it’s fine if you want to lose weight but they are hire garments, not made to measure garments. You can change size 100 times if you like, just go into your supplier for a remeasure closer to your function and they can adjust the sizes. Usually this service is completely free so just ask them at the point of booking. Children need to be remeasured closer to the time anyway to account for any growth in that period, so the adults can get remeasured too!

Colour schemes, this is a big one! Bring a swatch of the bridesmaids dress or have photos at the ready so that you can match the colours to the men’s neckwear and hankies. If it’s 1 or 2 shades out then generally it won’t be noticed so that’s not an issue. If the supplier doesn’t offer the exact colour or one that is satisfactory for you, consider going for a neutral colour such as ivory/cream/silver/white and then have the buttonholes made into the colour of the dresses instead. Where there is a will, there is a way! Be creative/different with your accessories! Let’s say that your colour schemes are duck egg and yellow… Your groom could wear duck egg neckwear and hankie with a yellow flower for his buttonhole, and the groomsen could wear yellow neckwear and hankie with a duck egg flower for their buttonholes. There’s so much that you can do with it, your groom can have 1 style of waistcoat such as a nice ivory pattern and the groomsmen could have a waistcoat to match the suit… if you don’t make the groom stand out, you may forget which one you’re marrying! (That won’t go down well, believe me!)

The last bit of advice I would give is to do your research. Go onto the websites and browse the ranges, speak to people you know and trust and ask who they had and how they found the service and products. Check prices and don’t be afraid to ask about the prices and if they have any promotions or offers on. Use social media to see reviews of services and suppliers, ask your other wedding suppliers, chances are that they know a good supplier that they trust to recommend. Go into the local stores and have a chat, look at the samples, ask lots of questions, go to wedding fayres and open evenings at venues even if it isn’t your wedding venue. Chances are that you will find what you are looking for quite quickly using these methods.

I hope this has been helpful and you aren’t too bored by now! Grab yourself a cuppa and relax!

Paul Hayes
Youngs Hire Banbury, Debenhams, Castle Quay

26th April 2017 |

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